Newspapers & Free Community Newspapers Will the Internet kill your free community paper? Did instant coffee kill coffee? New technologies change many things. But not everything. You may tweet, blog, surf, shop, or search online but you continue to read your free community paper. You just proved it. Readership of free community papers is now […]

InDesign General Preferences & Document Setup

General preferences Set up all your preferences before you start working on the paper. If you’ve already started importing graphics and text, you may want to delete them, set these preferences, and re-import them. Go to InDesign > Preferences > General (The Preferences option is found under Edit in the PC version of InDesign). You […]

Tips on correcting photos for newsprint in Photoshop

Tips on correcting photos for newsprint in Photoshop. It is difficult to get bright colors to output properly and grayscale images to print light enough on newsprint. If you aren’t careful your midtones/shadows can turn muddy and dull. Images will print darker on newsprint, its best to err on a lighter correction. Correcting for newsprint […]