Using the proper color mode for printing.

For commercial printing with Florida Sun Printing you should be using a CMYK color mode? NEVER use an RGB color mode which is better for screen viewing. Images and art saved in RGB can print dull and muddy. Be sure to either re-save your images as CMYK images in a program like Adobe Photoshop or […]

Did You Know ?

DID YOU KNOW? We added a support tab to our website. Here you will find instructions on how best to export your pdf files for printing with Florida Sun Printing. Also other great tips and tricks for your InDesign and Quark publishing programs. Visit

Advertising Resurgence in Local Newspapers

This article was written by Jim Busch, taken from “Paper-Chain” a SAPA publication. Many, many, many years ago when I landed my first sales job, one of the “old-timers” gave me some advice that I forgot, “This job is simple kid, the more you tell, the more you sell!” He went on to explain that […]

Newspapers are members of the Community

OLIVER GIVES JOURNALISM SOME NATIONAL SPOTLIGHT August 10, 2016 JoeyYoung Comments 0 Comment John Oliver is just one of the funniest people on television now. I have slapped my knee many times during his “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” show on HBO, and a segment about journalism had me both sad and laughing at […]


August 2, 2016  JoeyYoung I understand why publishers all over the country are scared to death about ad blocking software and what it is doing to their bottom lines. I am also completely unconcerned, personally. After 20 years of doing everything we could as an industry to build a presence online and sell advertising around […]


Newspapers & Free Community Newspapers Will the Internet kill your free community paper? Did instant coffee kill coffee? New technologies change many things. But not everything. You may tweet, blog, surf, shop, or search online but you continue to read your free community paper. You just proved it. Readership of free community papers is now […]

Merchant Circulars still tops advertising results

Merchant circulars still effective form of advertising, both direct mail and inserted in your local paper. Recent research backs up the fact that consumers prefer printed circulars over other types of advertising.  With Holiday Shopping in full swing, the following articles give reassurance that those bulk shopping ads will continue to be a source of revenue.   Aug. […]

Newspaper dollars still tops in local media

By Wayne Friedman, MediaDailyNews Local small and medium-sized businesses are “optimistic” about local media growth in the near term. Still, many are cautious. When it comes to where local media dollars are spent, the survey says newspapers are still tops – commanding a 22% share of local ad dollars, followed by digital at 19%; other […]

gets it right the first time

To Whom It May Concern: I am happy to provide reference for  Florida Sun Printing, a printer that “gets it” and “gets it right the first time”. If it’s not the competitive quotes, then it’s the friendly “go out of their way” work ethics that made me a believer. In my journeys, I usually see […]

InDesign Settings

Facing Pages – Select this option to make left and right pages face each other in a double-page spread, such as for books and magazines. Deselect this option to let each page stand alone, such as when you’re printing flyers or posters or when you want objects to bleed in the binding. Primary Text Frame […]