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4-Color Black

What is 4-Color Black? It is [the color] black made up of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black ink. Black can also be made by combining 100% R-G-B. Of course RGB is not used by commercial printers, but some software defaults to RGB. For printing purposes, printers recommend using CMYK or Black (greyscale). All black text […]
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Advantages of using Send-it over an FTP site

You’ve spent days working on your publication, and you’ve put the finishing touches on it. You’re ready to print. Now what? Time to send in your “print-ready” files. Florida Sun Printing offers a variety of methods for file transfer. We host an FTP site, an online soft-proofing system, drag-and-drop software, which will upload files after […]
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Konica Minolta C7000 Bizhub Digital Press

Florida Sun Printing recently installed a Konica Minolta C7000 Bizhub Digital Press with the professional media and finishing capabilities for variable data mailings, true 1200 DPI printing, booklet making, punching and post insertion in large and small quantities. Check out our Digital Printing section to learn more. Florida Sun Printing also added a Mueller-Martini 4-in-1 […]
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