Leaders Are Readers

(portions reprinted from SAPA)

… Successful people are often described as “self-made” men or women. I think it is more accurate to describe them as “self-making” people because one of the things that makes them rise above their peers is their dedication to constant self-improvement. In some of my training classes, I have had people with over fifty years of experience in the industry (No pressure there!). These are people who never settle, who are never satisfied, people who always want to grow and become better at what they do. They listen attentively, and when they have an opportunity they seek out training, and most of all, they read…

Our community newspapers are the LOCAL resource for advancement. Our papers help people connect with others; stay informed of local events; learn; grow; record births, deaths, marriages, report on government and business activity or in-activity, and the resource for products and services. Leaders still read the paper. Our print papers still matter and are used by our communities… Nothing Beats Print when you really want to connect with consumers.