It’s Marketing at is Finest: Printing Direct Mail Advertising

Direct-mail advertising is the process of sending offers or promotions by mail to current customers or other consumers.

Postcards, newspapers and flyers are three great examples of advertising methods use to reach a target market. They allow businesses to direct their message to potential clients by mail.

When it arrives in the mailbox, they must look at it and decide what to do with it. The recipients may or may not be in the market for the product or service. If they currently do not have need for it, the message has been imprinted into memory for a later date. As a bonus, because it’s usefulness, this postcard or tabloid is likely to be saved, probably in a prominent place where it will be seen frequently and by other people.

A direct mail flyer that is well designed without over excessive information and with eye catching colors, will be able to grab an audiences attention and make a impactful impression. This will give the customer a reason to call and ask for more information and increasing your chances of a sale. A Informative mailer will reach customers and build name recognition, brand awareness and stimulate buying.

Many sales people and marketers have given up on direct mail, because of its perceived high cost and being inefficient. But direct mail is actually more effective now than it has been in years, because people get so much less in the mail than they used too. Printed and mailed marketing pieces are particularly effective because, unlike envelopes and email, they don’t always need to be opened to be read. Direct-mail can be a powerful tool by influencing and driving purchases decisions.

Below are some positive aspects of direct-mailing that businesses should consider when marketing through direct-mailing:

Highly Targeted

Direct mail marketing is highly targeted, which is a huge advantage for companies that know their target market. In other words, companies can send direct mail pieces to specific groups, based on demographics, such as gender, age, income, household and profession. For example, if a company wants to advertise family vacation packages, it would likely target households with multiple family members. In addition, the company would try to find households that have already purchased family vacations in the past. Mailing list suppliers sell all types of mailing lists. Mailing lists can also be arranged for purchase at Florida Sun Printing. Please call us for details.

Highly Measurable

Direct marketing can be Measurable. With direct mail and tracking allows a company to easily compute their return on investment (ROI). Companies that send out direct mail usually include an order form or application. If the company generates leads or orders by mail, all the company needs to do is key the order form. For example, a mailing that goes out on Jan. 8 can be keyed: 18, which is 1 for January and 8 for the date. That way the company will know exactly which mailing elicited the response. The company can then determine the number of sales from the mailing, subtract expenses and calculate its profit.


Direct marketing can be highly individualized. Computer programs allow small companies to address consumers by name in direct-mail campaigns. Therefore, the message is directed at a particular person as if the owner is speaking directly to them. As many as 55 percent of people are eager to read their mail, according to the U.S. Postal Service. Addressing them by name can only enhance the experience and, ultimately, prompt some to buy a company’s products.

Cost Effective

Direct-mail advertising is cost effective. Companies can easily design colorful or eye-appealing mailers and have thousands of copies printed affordably by a print vendor. Additionally, a company can mail out smaller quantities of a direct-mail advertisement as a test. Once the company determines that the first mailing is successful, it can increase the number in subsequent mailings.

Highly Informative

Direct-mail marketing can be highly informative. Direct mail advertising provides the reader with a wealth of information, unlike other types of advertising. Companies that send out solo mailings can also include a sales letter, brochure or order form. A sales letter usually informs the potential customers how the company’s product or service will benefit them. Companies usually provide a picture and detailed information about the product or service as well as the price.  

So the question is, what information do you have that your clients and prospects would find valuable? You already know, now print it and mail it!

Perhaps now is the time for you to discover or rediscover; Direct Mail Marketing. When done correctly, printed direct mail pieces combined with a good message, will drive sales your way. Give us a call at Florida Sun Printing and we can help you increase traffic to your business with our graphic design and direct-mail services.