Florida Sun Printing offers glossy web printing for newspapers, magazines, tabloids, and direct mail in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, Bahamas, and Puerto Rico

Budget friendly UV Gloss Web Printing With Time Sensitive Turnarounds.

UV Web Glossy printing is easy on the budget compared to traditional styled “sheet-fed” printing and more economical and environmentally friendly alternative to “heat set web” printing. The quality is a little less but the savings are worth it. Florida Sun Printing has within the last couple of years installed a Quad-Stack 4-over-4 color-printing unit from WebPress, LLC using UV inks, as well as a new UV light tower from Prime UV. These equipment additions will utilize coated stocks allowing more flexibility for those customers submitting custom print jobs. This new press for coated stocks will enable us to wrap newsprint broadsheets, tabloids and magazines with coated covers; produce glossy magazines and single sheets for insertion and direct mail pieces. We partner with customers in long term relationships to improve their competitiveness in their market place, helping them produce a less expensive product to attract readers and ad sales. Another advantage of the UV Web printing process is speed. The web press prints on rolls of glossy paper allowing for high speed printing which results in quick turn around. Call us today and ask about our pricing.

Plates are made by Kodak Trendsetter also using Nela plate bending.