Florida Sun Printing Offers Affordable, Fast, EDDM Services (Every Door Direct Mail)

We provide full mailing services for local or national customers, including EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail).

Our trained mailing staff handles all classes of mail and is committed to processing your mailing lists per USPS requirements. Palletization, Bar Code, Cass, NCOA, Mail.Dat and Postal One. We provide saturation mailing, EDDM, subscriber list, or any list provided in Excel or CSV format. We have redundant ink-jet addressing systems all under one roof which allows us to get your publication to the recipient’s address quickly and at the most economical postal rates for you.

Utilizing today’s transportation and logistics services, Florida Sun Printing can get your products delivered on-time. We contract with trusted overnight delivery services and major freight haulers to provide you with the most economical and reliable delivery services available.

Our customer base ranges from coast to coast; from small publishers who print once a year to corporate clients who have us print large numbers of publications monthly. All of our clients get our utmost concern and expertise.

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