4-Color Black

What is 4-Color Black?

It is [the color] black made up of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black ink. Black can also be made by combining 100% R-G-B. Of course RGB is not used by commercial printers, but some software defaults to RGB. For printing purposes, printers recommend using CMYK or Black (greyscale). All black text should be created using only Black (K) ink.

Since it’s made up of 4 colors, it prints on 4 plates. Keeping those four plates in registration is extremely difficult, and could result in text that appears fuzzy or out-of-focus. It’s true of 4-Color Black type, and reverse type on top of a 4-Color Black box.
Always use 100% K for all black text to ensure that you get the best reproduction possible.

Most layout programs have 100% K as a preset in the color palette. If you create your publication using 100% K text then only one plate is needed to reproduce the text portions of your printed job and the end result is crystal clear black text, even when your printed order contains other full color images such as graphics and photos. Less ink is better than more ink for uncoated printing.

Florida Sun Printing has a group of Pre-press technicians that can assist you in solving your 4-Color Black issues. You can reach them at (904) 879-2101.