Advantages of using Send-it over an FTP site

You’ve spent days working on your publication, and you’ve put the finishing touches on it. You’re ready to print.
Now what?
Time to send in your “print-ready” files.
Florida Sun Printing offers a variety of methods for file transfer. We host an FTP site, an online soft-proofing system, drag-and-drop software, which will upload files after passing a preflight check, or we also accept files submitted through e-mail,, and dropbox.
Our online soft-proofing system, Send-it, offers peace of mind for publishers. Send-it is the CSR that never sleeps, takes a vacation or even a coffee break! You have instant access to submit work any time of the day or night. Send-it is a web based job submission site that allows you to view a ripped version of your PDF.
Here’s how it works.
You log in to Send-it using a set of log-in credentials provided by Florida Sun Printing. Once the PDFs are uploaded they process in our RIP (Raster Image Processor), and are displayed in the Send-it web portal. After checking all ripped files you have the option of approving or deleting/replacing pages.
A few reasons why using Send-it is so advantageous:
-Upload any time. You can upload day or night from anywhere in the country, and know instantly if there are any issues with your files.
-Advanced notice of issues. If there is a problem with your files you will see it instantly. Including missing fonts, wrong page size, color on wrong pages, or any unwanted shift in colors.
-See any unwanted color shifting. Any shift in color can be spotted when previewing pages. You no longer have to wait until the paper has been printed to see if your colors printed the way you envisioned.
-Reduced pre-press time. Your publications are processed quicker and on the press sooner.

Florida Sun Printing has a group of Pre-press technicians that can assist you in getting started on Send-it. You can reach them at (904) 879-2101.